Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Testing 789

soli soli...forgot to say who i am...i'm uncle hee...but i'm sure u all could have guessed :P..ciaoz.

Testing 456

ok i oso wanna start testing this...all this while i only visit this blog n read watever u guys have to say...so i think now it's time for me to contribute too :)...well just to update, i'm still alive :D..disappointed?...hehehe...work is ok...not very busy...alwaz go back 530pm sharp...but i still dun like my job...now now, dun u ppl at EY start cursing me :P...btw, good post on the msian nite weide...mannn, i so wanna be there n drink with y'all...hahahhaha...anyways...all the best to y'all..take care..n happy valentine's day :)

Testing 123

Testing testing...
Hmmmmm I wonder how this works..

Surprise lehhh see my postttt?....How s everyone eh?
Without you people in warwick is like without mixers in alcohol man.. not very fun...
But good thing I had some enjoyable trip with some of you people before everyone left.
Hmmmm let me update some new stuffs..... erm..... Weide can drink better than Ian now and Chris almost spent 90 pounds to go to msian nite before weide's advise, and I am ill now.. hehe
Miss you people man. Take good care and work hard in your careers.

Monday, February 13, 2006

My 4th Warwick Malaysian Night

Atteneded Warwick Malaysian Night 2006. Play this year was very good, the way the story was told was different from pervious years. An arty dimension was attached to it. Due to that some of the scences were really good and tastefully done. The playwrights really made used of the backgrounds and lights to tell the story. Very much more emotional than pervious years though I did not understood some of the sences (maybe I am not cultivated enough to understand art) and though some of the dances were abit redundant. They actuallty copied the dance moves and clothing from a Cyndi Wong MTV and stuck it into the script. That didn't really made sense to me actually appeared abit silly............. but the dancers are hot. Hehehe. Dikir was damn good as well! The retained some of the songs but added new ones as well. This bit of the show I enjoyed the most! Like all the Dikir performances over the years they had loud and coherent claps. It was toching and powerful. In fact I think that this is probb the best Dikir performance out of the 4 Malaysian night I have been to.

(Mr Tan)^2 + Mr Yeung + Mr Lau

Malayisan graduates of 2005!


Levin as usual organised a drinking session after Mnight. Good thing he was sick so we were let of the hook. Did not have to drink so much but I still drank enough to puke abit, Ian on the other hand was almost gone!

Levin doing his usual shit................Ian almost gone. Girl on the far left that u can barely see is Da Sou!