Wednesday, June 29, 2005


hellooo this is not Fel. hahahhaha. athough sounds like Fel.hahhahaha (fel, get the joke? =p )

anyway Bali, yeah decide when so can booked...the early the better..

and Fel, give me your sg and jkt no.. thank uuu

me here, do nothing...finish with korean dramas, yest just watched the incredibles, then today since morning been applying for jobs..hhahahah.. tomorrow i will be going to Surabaya, got test with die ded..i got no calculator, have to buy everything today, and shirts and shoes.

mh, heard u r going back??? oh no!!! less people to take photo with and i wont see u, u better come to Bali!

ok people, update regularly




must plan Bali trip....!! so chris... you are coming down to asia rite?... so can we wait till you have a rough plan of when you will be in indo then we go Bali? cos i heard you are going to china also rite? so yeah....everyone..please come!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

please show your interest hoh...then we can roughly see the number of pple interested! it would probably be in august...

and...CORRECTION for my previous post....thank you munhou for DRIVIIING me to the coach station..and thank you shifu for OFFERING to send me to the coach station.... hahahahhaha


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

All the way from sinnngaapoooooreeee....


i just realised all my photos are candid shots lah...not too many posed only one to post up.

aniwaeeee..thank you againnn!!!! chris..shiling and munhou... thanx for helping me move and thanx for sending me off...and shifu of course...thank you thank you... yes yes.. i'm very touched!

aniwae... i'm safely back in singaporeee..slept for daaaaamn long...hahaha... nothing much on the plane... slept most of the time cos didnt sleep the nite before i left... and as cute guys sitting around me... daaaamn! ahahhaha...

okok... damn hot ..sitting in my living aircorn... will post later ! ciaooooo.....
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Monday, June 27, 2005

woohoo.. hotcakes.. same as back home in singapore... yeahhhhh Posted by Hello

macdonald's breakfast after that.. Posted by Hello

goodbye fel.. we luv ya..!!!!!!!! the all nighters.. who despite extreme fatigue.. went to see our beloved fel off.. yoohoo.. touched or not fel? Posted by Hello

ahahahaha. the cleaner will be MADDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! so mad!!!!!! Posted by Hello

dharmini!!!!!! your room!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

jean, me, dhar, christie and mabel Posted by Hello

goodbye dharmini Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Finally, a chance to blog

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... finally a chance to rest and do nothing.... feels goood woooh. Am currently in Kian Hui's cosy room but will have to move for SHIFU tomorrow. Grr. *sigh* everyone's scattered all round!!! Dhar at home sweet home, Vid in Indo, MH at Lakeside, Shiling at Cryfield, Kian Hui, Mabel and Ed on the bus to the airport. :'( *reality starts to sink in* but it's alrighttt you guys have planned some sort of graduation dinner right??? and don't forget about Bali... no pulling out ar! espeeeeeeeecially daameenee. ffk queen.

Anyway thanks kian hui for the room (well for a night), Amelia for the rest of the nights and weebeng for setting up the wireless internet for me!!!! =D

Okayyyyy will blog soon since i'll have lots of free time on my hands. *mwahs*


Shifting Day

Whassup everyone!..People have been busy packing and shipping stuff back home and havent really been coming on here to blog their "feelings"..As for me, i HAVE done packing and have packed my computer so rihgt now i am in shiling's room using her super-low tech slow computer to write this...Felicia is here too by the way writing some kinda note to shiling which right now is already currently maybe 5 pages long (*note: small and very narrow papers she used)....Dont wanna let her say I am exaggerating...Anyway, everyone moving to a new environment and for those who stayed with me especially Mabel & Shiling, you guyus just have to get used to it...Somehow, one day or another, I wont be in the same flat with you all...Hahaha.,.guess u know it is me or you could assume I am foo siong..

Shiling, chrisitie ,shifu and chris have gone to cryfield to shift...and i think my laundry is done...anyway, I will be in Lakeside 2, Flat 20..Come and find me!!...BB

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Results Day

Hey everyone...Results were out today...Some of us were happy with it and some may not be happy with it but anyway it has happened so no worries...For those who done well, congratulations, and for those who think they didnt do well, no worries...Keep up the good work and hope everyone gets a good job that they are satisfied with...Peace!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

fel !!!! fel!!!!! fel!!!! Posted by Hello

as i promised.. the picture of the loch ness monster.. hahaha. he is perfectly poised and look at the lush green scenary around it.. legend has it only makes a fleeting appearance once every 1000 years.. hahaha. and for a brief moment in time. shifu actually believed this picture was real................. Posted by Hello

hahahah.. they have bubble tea in bham.. but it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

shifu and fel.. with shifu.. SMILING FROM THE HEART Posted by Hello

hahahaa.. a picture of ****** & *************** Posted by Hello

another picture of us.. Posted by Hello

all of us... Posted by Hello

no comments Posted by Hello

2 ah bengs in the making... chris and shifu at wagamama Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

harlow harlow (scottish accent)

..... yeay yeay.. vid..u are finally online and u have blogged.. mwahahahhaa.,.im in warm warm scotland..eating haggies and funny lamby stuff..and im sure u guys miss me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.. hahah.. sigh..wat to do? im so POPULAR.. hahaha..

eh. scotland is fun. the tour guide is like some hippie...and he looks like russell crowe. haha. we keep calling him russel crowe. and he swears like super a lot. more than mh.. seirously... and he brings us to free places so we dont have to pay..and supermarkets. and we eat strawberries on top of the mountain which HUN WENT TO BEFORE... exactly the same place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anywae.. i saw the loch ness monster.. took a picture of it somemore.. will post it up when i get back.. wah or not.. when i go. the monster appears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think even the monster in loch ness likes me. ahahahaaha..

anywae..having lots of fun.. jen and bro(cute bro) and weird peter... we are having fun....hahahah.. but missing u guys soon too.. take care.. dont miss me too much.. iwll be back soon....

byebye! (cheeri bye) *scottish accent*

kawayiiii babe!!!!!!

home sweet home

greetings from home!! =)

how's everyone? home is great, can eat good food and dont have to do laundry, clean room, do dishes, cook...hheheheh

it's hot here! 32degree when i arrived....

and what's with the battering bet MH and shiling? *something going on bet u both*??? =p

DHarminiiii...still havent text me!!! too much!!, everynight i sleep thinking abt u but u still havent text...hahahhaha

WW, post ur pics here....ok ok..

oh and cant get into windows messenger here and msn is to slow to download :s

Fel saw ur blog, looks more like pictures blog...hahhahhah but good effort, will wait for ur next cooking adventures.

Friday, June 17, 2005

My friend is trying to escape...

Ai....My friend is trying to escape the reality of being told the truth about her everyday...She is so scared that she has gone to crazy....u can hide one time but u cant hide ur whole life...Anyway, Sh*ling, I must tell you, dont be so stupid although u already are...face the facts and come home...i have done my best by deleting an alphabet of your name...please appreciate it...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

coooool pic Posted by Hello

another group photo Posted by Hello

group photo Posted by Hello

sing soc bbq Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

dinner at nandos again.. after exams Posted by Hello

steamboat at claycroft Posted by Hello

hahaha cant resist but put this up.. its HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

vid's birthday party.. at jade's kitchen Posted by Hello