Saturday, August 27, 2005

a couple of bali photos

beach football

signed by sheila on 7 at hard rock hotel nice...want to go again...thanks vidya and felicia :D

harlow harlow! its 7am now and i'm awake! the wonders of jetlag, makes me sleep and wake up at super healthy hours. this is my third morning here now, yesterday went with these 2 singaporeans on my floor to chinatown area and ground zero, stopped by madison square garden area for a quick look, and there was some international students reception as well. the chinatown here is really busy, quite extensive with more shops than eating places, not like the one in london at all. got silly things like little italy too but quite cute leh. then we walked to ground zero which was surrounded by big metal fence...

new york is really FULL of skyscrapers ... and it is very metropolitan (hmm but malaysians and indonesians very scarce)...there are shops, people everywhere. i stay further up north which is the less glamourous area haha but noisy traffic still wakes me up early in the morning. i think after 3 years of warwick, it feels strange to live in the city. everything here moves fast be it service or activities. my room is old, but it is ok enuff la...just waiting for light! the other photo is taken from my york has its ugly neighbourhoods too haha...

anyway miss cool pple like u all, take care :D i'll find me some ball to play to and dudes n chio-bu friends soon enuff!


Friday, August 26, 2005

greetings from the land that everyone left is everyone???
fel just left, now only chris is left.
so quiet her now...
but soon will be going singapore (mos probably on the 29th) and if possible go kl with shiling ( i miss u guys too much) hahhahah.

so so DHARMINI THURAISINGAM u have no excuse BUT u better receive me well..u owe me that much after ffk me soooo many times..hahhahaha

i'll bring u indo mie and chicken spices, so dont worry..hehhehe..and interesting stories =p

well, BALI was excellent!!!!!! felt like living a dream in Bali, everywhere dont seem real...but now back to reality...job searching again.

for more stories abt Bali, refere to shiling's blog...and pics to be posted soon.

take care for now!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

hey peeps..

kazuyo will be coming down to sg this coming sunday.. and i think jean,yanning, daniel, jierong,kaz and i might be making a short weekend trip down to kl. (coz u guys never come down anywae)

hopefully can meet up with everyone. cools. have fun.

Missing Bali already!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everybodeee.... for those who didn't come with us, Bali was superduper fantastic!!!!!! "Was one of our best trips ever" I quote from mabel. mannn.... was so good lah. i also forgot to do this before we parted, so i'll do it now... i wanna extend a HUGE


Thanks for the thorough planning, everything was perfect!!! we didn't have to lift a finger... well maybe to swim. and "play volleyball and football". and to point at innocent villagers to kill. hehe. we would have been so lost lah if not for you guys!!! We must do this again!!!!!!

I totally forgot how to put pictures up, so forgive me. But i think we should all zip our files and send them to our joint gmail account. Does it still exist???

Oh yeah... and have a great year in Columbia, DEQI!!! we will miss you!!!

Anyhoo, this will just be (another) short post, cos i've got work tomolo. Well, sorta. haha sounds so pro la... "i've got work tomorrow" eleh...
OKIE DOKIES take good care of yourselves people til we meet again! i just have to say it again, the bali trip was absolutely priceless!

wei-wen a.k.a ww

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hey Y'all

Hey everyone...Havent heard much from u guys since the Bali trip, i mean as in u all's trip..wahaha....anyway, this blog has been kinda quiet eversince...dharmini got a job, mabel and ww working, deqi is leaving, shiling or i mean Miss Ho is teaching the wrong to the kids...haha and chris is still in Indonesia (no wonder Vidya aint saying much here as well), so it's left to me...haha....Didnt get to see Deqi who is probably having his dinner with his family or sth...waiting until 9 only call the dude, or slightly before 9 cause i am going to BADMIN-ON at 9...haha...Chris...badmin-on man...miss that in Deqi , just wanna say take care and best wishes man...Will see you in a year's time unless sth happens and some NBA team wanna take me in for the next season, then see u at Big Apple or just Madison Square Garden...Get fat there man...and hope you come back talking Dharmini Style and learn some good bball tricks!......kakaka....Alright chaps....Take care...& safe flight Mr Lee...Peace...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

hey hey hey
we are all here in fel's room.. chilling... shifu is sleeping now.. hahaha.. and we are chit chatting... indo is really fun.. we had lots food.. the food was incredible. coz it was fel's birthday and her soparents are super duper hospitable.. we had chilli fish, fried fish, chilli kang kong, sotong.. la la.. and damn super cool strawberry stuff.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh and we ate with our hands. damn cool. a first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then.. shiling suggested goreng pisang.. damn shy.. but uncle went to buy.. and she ate 2 big big big pieces.. wah liaoz the roadside toilet.. can die ah.. but alrite la...

then ah.. as if we didnt eat enuff... shifu came.. so we went to pick him up.. then after that uncle went to buy martabak.. aka pancake.. durian and chocolate.. then fel had the biggest cake ive ever seen.. its the biggest cake for her birthday. damn nice.. damn creamy.. damn fruity.. but damn nice.. but we damn full so cannto eat much..

wah. just one day in indo.. i feel like ate for 1 week already.. but super cool. tmr we are meeting mus. then shop then spa then i dunno. i only have 600, 000 rupiah.. looks damn a lot.. but only 100 sing.. mwahahahahahahhaah

thats all!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yeyy.. onli a week left!!!

Helloo everyone...

Firstly, it has been a splendid splendid week so far... im in penang now, waiting to visit my ah gong (not mr. gong)...

I've changed my ticket so that i go back to UK 2weeks later... splendid!..

Man it's so hot here, i dunno how u all can stand this everyday... ive had a bad stomach ache, since the day i parted with kian hui lau... mayb once i meet him again i will be fine.. ahahah... kian hui, wat u doin man??... dun go back so fast la... let's stay here and makan... kam dor yeh sek!!

OK, so kh and i will meet those jakarta ppl on monday... i will be using my UK phone on roaming over there.. and my malaysian hp should be able to receive calls...

GOodsbyye!@ TAKE CAre


Saturday, August 06, 2005

first attempt in posting pic

Finally manage to post pic..Shiling, I downloade hello, but can only post pic on your blog..dont know why..hahahah.. then chris told me that now can actually post automatically...

So here's a pic of the hotel in Bali. Apparently the swimming pool leads to the beach (not sure what it means)