Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hi everyone!!!! guess noone really check on this blog anymore.. so let's start updating..

ms Dharmineeeeeee... cant even remember when is your last post!!!!!! update lahh

and so where are we going end of the year.
let's do the booking from now.. to ensure everyone (including queen-master of ffk ing) will go!!!!!

and i've uploaded some of Jogja pics on facebook.
so KH, perharps u can compile it with the other jogja pics..
not all yet... it take agessssss to upload....

take care u all!!!


Friday, June 29, 2007

It's back...

Oh noooo... looks like the "kam ting ngo..." (as it's most famously known... =P) song has struck again... Chrisss, thought it was over and done with it at Uni mann... you gave us all a dose that would last us a lifetime!!! C'monn it's time to move on and do us all a favour by choosin' a new song mannn... heheh...

Neways, why's everyone been rather quiet on the blog...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gua Tempurung (Beware of the Hole)

Date: 7th January 2007 (Sunday)
Members: 8 innocent city folks
Mission: To discover the 'Gua Coconutshell'

'Welcome to Ma-lay-si-a!' - Mr Tan Wei De

P/S: Recommended attires:-

Old Shoes
& Torn Pants

There we started!

Task 1:
Crawling, Ducking, Swimming........
& Getting Wet

Be careful if you have big ass & can't bend properly
(as can be seen from the pic)

Task 2:

There's where you should beware of the hole
(the one & only one)

Task 3: Climbing, Walking on the stream, Stairs Climbing .........................

Can you find the owner of the shadows?

Finally, we found the way out! Applause ........

See what the hole had done to the victim, Ms Singam.

But congrats to her for being the 1st tourist fooled by the hole.

Thanks Ching Pheng for all the photos!