Saturday, July 30, 2005

Einstein's QUIZ.... see how many of u forgot ur brains at the University of Warwick... muahahah

This quiz is supposed to have been written by EINSTEIN. He said that 98% of the people in the world cannot solve the quiz. Could you be among the other 2%?

There are 5 houses, each is a different colour. In each house lives a different person of a different nationality. These 5 owners all drink a certain beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet. No owner has the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar or drink the same drink as another owner.

1. The Briton lives in a Red house.
2. The Swede keeps Dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks Tea.
4. The Green house is on the left of the White house (they are also next door to each other)
5. The Green house owner drinks Coffee.
6. The person who smokes Pall Mall rears Birds.
7. The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8. The man living in the house right in the centre drinks Milk.
9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10. The man who smokes Blend lives next to the one who keeps Cats.
11. The man who keeps Horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
12. The owner who smokes BlueMaster drinks Beer.
13. The German smokes Prince.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the Blue house.
15. The man who smokes Blend has a neighbour who drinks Water.

The Question is: WHO KEEPS THE FISH?

Good luck... post ur answer up here, and the first one to post gets a big kiss...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The coming and going of MH and ED

Wow, guys!.. I am liking what I'm seeing, so many nice posts to read, so many nice pictures to see. This is what it's all about!...

Mr Siow came yesterday, took him to the same place I took Voomun earlier in the month, ORIENTAL CITY... he said the place reminded him of back home... and was too very amazed by the amount of food in the FOOD court... ahahah... met with James my skool friend (some of u met him before). He was complaining how before u all met him and didn't talk to him... that goes to Vid,Dhar,Fel,KH + someone else... who was that? he says mayb u thought he was too sccary... a monster... lol... joka

THen went to HARLEQUINN shoppin centre with ed and james, took a dam long hour by bus, london transport was pretty bad that day... got there and bought some DVDs... thennnn... Edwin was lurkin around some jewellery/watch shops... and bought the most expensive watch i ever did see get bought.. a Tag Heuer.... don't mug him tho... very exp ok..!

... i saw his and wanted one.. coz im quite impulsive, i rang my dad 'i want a £476 Tag Heuer watch pa'.... he nearli slappd me over the phone.....

So yehh... didn't get the one i wanted to get... have a look \/

So MH and ED... prob the onli two dudes who have been to my house.. .and prob the onli two that will come here for a long time now... mayb someday u all can come again?... **sobb**

HAHAH.... nearli the exact same shot as Edwin's... this is a retro shot of MunHouVOOO infront of my house...look at that haircut... phoarrr.... outside and not inside for good reason.. ahahah...

Neway... that was our day.. ed left back to the city today to go watch Woman In White... hopefully he'll come back to M'sia soon too. Thanks for stayin man! come again!...

My plan for Bali is to skip jakarta i think, so either from:

1. KL to Bali to Surabaya to KL
2. S'pore to Bali to Surabaya to S'pore

U guys think that is a good idea? And how to book the flights and stuff? together or separately?
When i get to malaysia, i will try to call around, find out who can actually go or not....

Take care everyone, and i love the posts everyone is putting up. Hope to see yu all very soon!

Take care til then! Selamat Malam!

Chris (or by my better name FCB)

kinda 1/4 won the bet with u..
im part tiime with a girl now.. (she's reallie hot!!!!) hahaha.. coz 1/2 = part time and 1/2 coz its with a girl..
do i make sense?
hahahahahaha........ :)


sorrie..bali updates again!

wrote an email... this is what it wrote:

ANIWAE...i just talked to vidya on the phone...

so so.. WE have decided to put such and such a date and hopefully everyone will follow... the rest who cant make it i'm sorry..

15th -- 17th august === Jakarta

17th --- 20th august === Bali

20th august onwards === surabaya

those who are not interested to go to jakarta and surabaya...can just book your own tickets to arrive at bali straight. will update again on the time so we can all arrive around the same time so we dont have to make multiple trips to the airport in bali to pick pple up.

those who wants to see jakarta can arrive on the 15th or 16th if you all just want to stay for a nite. then we will all leave together from jakarta to bali.

if you all want to save trouble.. you call can buy one way tickets so that you can go back to spore straight from bali instead of going back to jakarta (for those going to jkt but not surabaya) but if you all dont mind flying to jkt again and flying to spore again.. i will make sure you are taken care of in jakarta...even if i'm not there (cos i might be going to surabaya hee hee)

oke... hopefully everyone can try and arrange their schedule to follow the one above. unless there are many strong requests to change the dates to earlier...these would be the confrimed dates!

sorry cos we cant make it a weekend!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

bali updates

eh eh.. i sent and email regarding the bali thingy.. but i didnt save it so cant post it up here... so so.. whoever received the email maybe can cut and paste it here.... thank you..


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Breaking News

Hey....................... Dharmini is with Levin & Hong Choy now in KL. Paparazzi team...... Ggggggggggggooooooooooo!

Reported by: KH

Graduation from lame lee's perspective

a bit the slow ahh but still nice to see photos right!! since will be pretty slow to upload to gmail, think its better to put some here first...

dinner at chung ying for the last time! bye bye to overpriced but good chinese food! memories of singsoc chinese new year dinners, and countless meals here...

my table...had 3 tables, but not all "kids" could fit in 1 so ww and i were here while kh and shiling's bro on another. can tell who's folks from who's? (that's really bad grammar :P)

earlier on in the day, we did a damini pose....dun scold me.. its ur darling kh's idea lar! ahahahahaha

looking pandai and semangat under the crazy hot sun

15 years or more (less) of education, wah biang i tell u man, its all to do this

in art centre

we all cheered outside butterworth hall when we saw cp came on stage!

final crew..

that's all for now folks! take care and see you all!!

"porn chop"

independence day

present morsies hearsall lane 97
basketball bay beh!

july 4. american independence day. for us, it was more of a final crazy photo taking session after dinner in plain clothes. not even the busy london streets could stop us crazy pple~!~! or the embarassed looks on the londoners hahahaha.

poncho joules part 2

bay beh it worked... :D

anyway i want to share with you guys some of my saddest moments during the last weeks in warwick:

1. the day before my final exam metric spaces on 11 july. i was going out to study after midnight at maths stats, but being vidya's last night in warwick when everything still felt "termtime-like" i decided to drop by just to chat with them a bit. when i was in vidya's room she started showing me photos she just printed out and as i sat there flipping one photo by one photo while vidya stood around being the usual host we are all used to, so peaceful and serene as i look at the beautiful scenaries of holland and some of u guys posing in funny photos, and it just occurred to me how often we hanged out together just looking at photos in these 3 years, and yet how it was to be the last time. and of course vidya left the following day. it also kind of sucked after that because the mood in school became quite sad, at least for me.

2. saying bye to munhou.. he came down to victoria to find me with chris and a friend michael, the night before he was due to fly back to malaysia. we just chatted at the train station, then at the hotel room, and finally i walked them to the tube station where i bid mh bye ... possibly the last time we see each other in the uk for a long time! when i was back in the 5-person room that night with the rest of my folks i had a hard time falling asleep.

3. on the 13 july, day after our grad. so many pple have left. i left my folks in the art centre as i went to find vidya and mabel to say bye. somehow i felt so alone and the school so quiet as i made my way across the field and path from the art centre to tocil where they were staying. incredibly i had to fight back tears threatening to burst out from nowhere because i din want to look like this weak crying person in front of them. it was a very long walk to tocil.

4. sitted in the cab, ready to leave warwick to coventry airport to go paris. ringo, chingpheng, dan, hongchoy, levin, ian, shifu all waving bye. i had to stop waving, and do cheesy signs to feel stupid because it is soooo sad but i still have my parents and aunts in the cab with me and we still have paris to go ... can't allow myself to cry....

>.< u guys are so nice~~! how to find friends like u lot in ny~? will remember u lot yea!

from poncho joules~

hello hello! i actually tried to blog twice some days ago but blogger keep wiping out my hard work!! unberieveable so i tot its a sign to do it another day, plus i felt stupid typing out the same things thrice~!~!

tho i haven't been diligent enuff to blog for a long time, u all know la how lazy i am, plus so distracted with last minute planing, moving stuff, travelling with folks, graduation, my emotions as friends bid farewell one by one!! and now that i'm back i'm kinda still living out of my suitcase haha quite messy just a small table to put all my stuff, and stupid columbia is making me feel like a gancheong spider because seems like lots of international students having hard time find accomodation but i haven't even started! bah! dun care! pretend its not happening for the moment. i'm kinda scared this blog disappears again so i'm gg to press the publish button first then type more n upload some picts.

Monday, July 25, 2005

How are u guys?

Hey Whassup y'all.....It's woman ar....anyway just cheked out the blog and i have missed on so much since i dont have internet at home...have to come to my friend's place here to check it how is it been?....vidya's hairstye very different ar...nice bor....gonna meet up everyone toorrow for dinner but dunno who is coming though..cause there are about 10 ppl but i can only countthe 7 of us in MORSE....dunno who lei...but i expect someone la...(vidya and shiling will get what i maen)....anyway....met felicia la....she is still a laugher....and did u guys see the pics....Dharmini really became fairer ar...there is proof and evididence from the picture posted on the blog...hahaha...anyway it is not funny k....Hope to see chris soon...he is coming in a week's time....anyay congratulations to u guys ....u guys looked good in the graduation.....wold love to be there....but was OK good enough la...spend some time with DHARMNI...i mean no choice...hahahaha...hope to see y'all soon....Hope to go Bali too....if i have no $$...please come see me instead...BB

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bali Dates bebey (' ,')

(updated dates now.. haha)


I was discussing with Fel, Shiling and WW... what dy'all think of goin to Bali on 14th August? And spending say 3 nights there? Neway, that is the plan so far, if you read this pls put a comment to follow up so we know whether u like that date... and if not give another aight! =)

Mmm.. can't wait to go rafting in Bali... or some other water activities... the beach... shoppping (is that famous there??? come to think of it i dunno nething bout Bali... yet we are well excited to get there!! haahha.... must be a friendship thing...!)


A lil pic of a Bali beach... of wat's to come.... heh heh... ^-^

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

---------------------------- Fel in KL ------------------------------

Hellloooo peopleee....just got back from malaysia...
i went to Ipoh and KL..didnt get to see KH in Ipoh... but got to see dhar and mh in KL... we met up in KLCC...
was suppose to meet up with dhar first..but kaooooooooo.... as usual...ffk... so met up with mh first.... then went to chill at the food court with dhar, mh and mh's friend.. shitt..forgot his name...
quite funnn meeting up with them... but only managed to stay for like 2 hrs.. then had to leave cos i was catching a coach back home!
managed to talk to jean on the phone also... thot i could meet her in KL but...never also...
and aniwae..dhar...dun think i'm going to KL again this weekend leh.. you go to Bali laaaaa!!!...
and about Bali... i propose... going at around..16th or 17th... cos apparently my sis also going with her if can maybe go together..but if cannot also never mind.. they can go themselves first... or shiling.. you want to spend your bdae in Bali? if yes then maybe we go earlier then...12th or 13th??
Aniwae...a few pictures... something wrong with my camera la...either it's too bright or too dark....shitt..

too bright

too dark

another too bright

Miss u guys so much, so kam tin ngo....

got my passport done and got a ticket to M'sia! yeay...
So i'll come n see some of u, hopefully all of u... but first...

WHO CAN COME TO BALI? My stay is between 30th july and beginning of sept.
So i will come to KL, then either go to Bali first, or go to S'pore then Bali from there,
depends wat y'all wanna do...

k, i'm gonna try posting a pic here... dunno if i can... but lemme try...

tzongchyibai for now

SHiling... this one is for u... ahemm...

Group foto ar... First nite, just after eating in creppy Varsity..

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hey peeps,
its my final post in england i guess.. nobody really has been blogging.. so sad.. no new updates..
anywae.. yeay.. managed to post up pics already.. somemore pics on my blog.. ahem.. thanks yea.. will put somemore up la.. just too many to put them all up u see

anywae. im leaving tmr.. so happy.. finally.. its been too lonely in cryfield.. just had dinner with ian and his parents.. and they're so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. and went shopping in bham.. sorry but selfridges got sale... prada was on sale.. shiling should soon be on sale too..

hahha.. goodbye guys.. reallie nice knowing u all..and bring on BALI....

(pls: vid::: made friends with the cute jap guy dee.,hahaha. he stays in 104.. and gotta know him coz donated all miso soup and jap sprinkle sprinkle to him.. and he said thanks.. and yeay yeay yea.. hahahhahaah)


my cute little bro. and his 3 best friends Posted by Picasa

econs students graduating!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

2 hot babes Posted by Picasa

dinner at chun ying garden.. without our parents in the pics Posted by Picasa

the wbs peeps, vid, ian, kh, deqi, weebs and shiling Posted by Picasa

the morsies Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

An EMAIL for us to share our MEMORIES!


I just made a Gmail account called The password i'll hav to send to you, coz it looks like any person can view this blog.

So now we can share many bunches of photos with each other... u can let everyone kno on this blog that you've uploaded to warwick05 email..

Goodbye everyone! Hope u all arrive safely home... visit UK again someday, then contact me.

Ok, fengQqq

Chuah TC

Sunday, July 17, 2005

hey peeps

im all alone in cryfield now.. sigh.. christie and ian just left this morning.. said goodbye to kianhui, vid, chris and amelia yest. and stupid kh said they were having the premier of charlie and choc fac in leicester sq.. now darn.. johney depp will be around.. idiot..!!!!!!
anywea.. im so tired of saying goodbyes and all.. so i'll just say a final one here! goodbye everybody!
wish me luck..i have 48 hours to rot and all.. and by the way.. im officially a criminal now.. mananged to get a new fone.. but i guess retribution strikes in all places.. and my stupid new fone cannot be unlocked coz its too new so i cant use it when i get back singapore.. how bad can this get??
so im stuck with my dream korean fone.. alas.. cant use.. someone kill me now..


The PEST strikes again!!!

Hi Everyone!

Oh mannnnnnnnn...can u believe it? Fel's comin to KL!!! Just when we thought we had gotten rid of the pest...well at least for the time being...geee!!! =) Hahaha...Fel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just joking k. We love u mannnnn...=P (i think) =)

Will be meeting her and mh [;)] on monday. But she'll be here only for a day though. I suppose it's better than nothing la. Would be good to see her again I have to say. =) [don't get all big-headed when u read this fel coz i'm only trying to make up for the start of this post].

Shiling said you guys were gonna watch mamma mia yesterday in london. How was it??? Mannnnn...the plan to watch it all together didn't materialise in the end huh. Anyways, that's it for now. Got to go dee. It's breakfast time. Gonna go have dim sum. All i've been doin here is eating...mannnnnnnnn. Till Later!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Graduation..!!

hello helloooo...

hahah..for the Morse people... happy belated graduation mann!! eheheh.. one day late... aniwae hope it was a great day..nobody falls or anything..

and i am going to malaysia!... this friday.. i'm going to Ipoh and KL... mh ...dhar.. will call you all out when i'm in KL... and dunnoe whether KH would be back home in Ipoh this weekend or not... will you kh?? first not going liao..but now going yeah..dunnoe who else will be back home...

and shiling!! finally you are back long never hear from you liaoooo... hahaha...

okeee...see some of you all sooooon!

and vid... i will wait for you and see you on the 22th! i am going back indo on the 26th i yeah... meet up in spore kay! okee see youuuu


Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Yo ppl!!! It's GRADUATION day today! (well at least for most of us) Just thought i'd share a lil' tip (quite a crucial one in fact):

Tip of the day : Chin up and make sure you DO NOT trip on your own feet while walking across the stage. =)

Well you guys have fun there while mh and I have fun here. Heheh. You guys will be coming back soon...and that's great!!!

Vidya, Chris, Shiling and Deqi will meet you all in Bali yea. That won't be too far away either. Unless you guys plan on coming to M'sia which would be even better!

Anyways, that's it for now. Till later.


hahaha. found this picture quite funny wor Posted by Picasa