Wednesday, May 28, 2008

F for Football

Saw some ppl playing footie right outside my office on my way back home today. Felt like taking off my shoes and join them. Havent been playing for some time already. Feet damn itchy *scratch scratch*. Oh btw, my office is the one at the right side of the twin building

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Haven't eaten this for ages...

Something Amelia, Alistair and Jade brought back from UK...99p only! eh..hehe

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Amelia, Alistair & Jade were in town...

Dinner with Amelia, Alistair (aka Amelia's BF) and Jade at "Ah Yat" Seafood Restaurant..

Most expensive crab I've eaten...this Alaskan King Crab with some prawns, oysters and rice cost us (me, shiling, daniel, jierong and weebs) sgd110 each!...*jaw drops*

As usual, weebs kept on asking if he's more handsome or cuter now...wah really beh tahan him..took pic with Amelia to avoid answering his

Shilling brought us to Ben & Jerry's for dessert at her favourite "atas" place...Dempsey Hill...luckily this time we din have to push her car outta the mud..hehe

Very yummy Belgian waffle...*gobble gobble*

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Botakman's Bday

Botakman is clearly unhappy about turning a quarter century old...hehe...well just to update, we all (HC, Fel, Deqi, Yanning, Weebs, Jierong, Weiliang and of cos the bday boy) went to Crystal Jade at Takashimaya last friday after work to have dinner to celebrate botakman's bday...had some "la mian" (pull noodles?) and "xiao long bao" (small dragon dumplings?)...fel ordered a dish called "kou shui chi" (saliva chicken?)...she said it's damn nice and so I tried it and as a consequence I cirit-birit the next day....even botakman who downed a glass of chinese tea mixed with vinegar oso din get cirit-birit....wah lau this saliva chicken is damn chialat...hehe...after dinner we went to a coffee shop around Orchard called TCC...or was it TTC?...cant remember...that's where the pic was taken...neway Weide...happy bday again!...Big boy dee...dun be naughty ah

Saturday, May 03, 2008

time's changed

In Birmingham...when shiling was still naive...and i was still young...AHAHAHA

In 2005 after grad in KLCC with ffk queen

Working womanho @ teambuilding in cameron...with a nice gentleman