Monday, June 23, 2008

Ipoh Mali..

This is Fel...9.30 pm @ Singapore

Finally in Ipoh after 8hrs on the coach

This is Fel...5.30am @ Ipoh

OI!!..U ppl cant just squad down and play cards in public la!..The "mata" will arrest u

First meal in Ipoh...Dim Sum @ Foh San

Crazy ppl makan Dim Sum..

Serious ppl makan Dim Sum..

Next stop...Thean Chun Kopitiam

Famous shredded chicken Hor Fun @ Thean Chun

Fel named it as "Recycled Satay"

Lunch @ Big Tree Leg

Waiting for food to come..

And here they are!..Fried Yong Tau Fu and Assam Laksa..

Watching polo..

Dinner @ Gourmet Square...which 1 of these gave me, MH and Fel the diarrhea?

Random Ipoh Shots!

dharmenee... stop checking out mr voo. eat man eat.

got caught by mr lame lee. he's looking straight at me man!

i think this shot quite nice wat dhar... hahhaha

pigging at the "Recycled Satay" place.. hehehe

hongchoy... why... your drinks got leaves?

famous toufu-fa

waiting at foot reflexology


deqi!! hahahahaha

nice eh?

but pple dunnoe it was quite smelly. horse poo!


must be that sweet carrot cake.... hehehe


mabel so fierce.

last meal in ipoh before we left!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


An 'old' pic of 'old' ppl at Old Town Kopitiam

It's been a great weekend!
Almost 10 meals in 1 day plus a half. 
How much did we pay? 
Just an average of about RM50 per person.

Some of the food that we ate:-

Pork & Chicken Satay

Home made Caramel Custard

Sotong & Kangkung in spicy peanut sauce

Fried Mantis Shrimp - Fried Calamari - Sweet Radish Cake - Fried Clam

Curry Noodle - Popiah

Monday, June 16, 2008



we made a great choice of going serendah!

signboard blocked by lalang..dmn hard to find r...

bedroom...all by myself....damn ZAI

stairs down to hall...can see into the toilet from here gar...very dangerous sia...


kitchen lor..abotheen!

got personal masseuer one..but too bad too HEAVY and NOT CHIO one..KNS

bbq pit..actualy it's basin to wash legs dirtie one


eat corn? wing? eat meat la...

me and my colleagues school pic w/ headmistress

got swimming pool wor...forgot to bring my speedos!

playing taboo...ho ho ho..where's my pillow? wanna sleep d...

FOUND IT! so shagged la..seep sin...shiOOOK

can check out at

my 2 friends who terkeno nyamok...