Monday, September 25, 2006

Silk Road Trip

Hello everyone, I've just got back from my Silk Road trip in China. It was a rather hectic trip travelling from one city to another but it was still loads of fun. Really wished I didn't have to go back to work !! Here are some of the pics....

This is a night view of Urumqi night market, where you can find variety of the local cuisine which includes roast mutton, barbeque and promegade juice.

Cultural dance performance of some of the local minorities. Pretty costumes....

Scenic spots: My sis and I up on Heavenly mountain.

We went sand surfing on the Gobi Dessert park. We had an experienced driver which took my sis and I on a roller coaster ride on the Gobi sand dunes. Whoa...... (Warning: Not suitable for people with heart problems.)

Among the other dessert activities include donkey rides to the ancient ruins of Gaochang, a city from the 13th century. Below is a pic of what's left: riding up the Balikun pastures, a settlement for the Kazakhs minority.