Friday, September 30, 2005

term 1 begins~~

hey everyone, yea its so cute to be reminded that the new term has begun in warwick...i will always remember how i'll be such a good student during the first 2-3 weeks, going for all my classes...bay beh...then some of us will be holding on to 100 modules hahaha because dunno what to choose...

then over here in columbia, i missed my first lectures in week 4 of school! shit....i didn't mean to actually, on tuesday i had to miss my japanese class because i wanted to go for some training for some partime experiment but in the end i overslept! and the oversleeping went on to wed and i miss ALL my japanese class in 3 days since they are always at 12....

ok now that i have made my confession i promise to try not to skip any more classes...its frighteningly fast how 9 mths will pass by - 1 down and 8 more to go before its bye bye to columbia...

i'm a bit sick of new york this week too...i think its the NY overdosage...this never happened in warwick! and i feel guilty all the time here over work because its damn bad when u dun do ur work or read before hand...haiya...its not like i became LAZIER...its just that now i'm alerted to the consequences daily...haha...

well take care everyone and if u haven't drop a blog for a while, take some time to do so, so everyone knows what's going on in ur life so far lar. i went to a crazy rollercoaster park last saturday on the spur on the moment with marc a singaporean n the rides are crazy i tell u. will post them up once marc sends me those pho'os...peace!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

errr interesting hair!

This is Jean and Chris trying to be talent spotted in Singapore =P


here's more pics for the blog...sorry it's late..but didnt seem we took lots of pics in KL.

My Ankle Swallowed a Tennis Ball

Hi everyone...

It's been AGESS since i last blogged here... but i just had to blog this!...

I had that interview the other day... man it went... well.. dodgy man... i dunno nething bout I.T. ... i mean i took Accounting and Maths and ENgineering in my IT degree! aAHAHAHAHHAhaha....

Neway, after the interview i went to let the tense-ness out at the courts in school with me-mate Paul... playin one on one yeh... and i jumped to lay-up.. and POOOMMM i SLAMMED into the POLE (coz i weren't lookin) and my right ankle landed on the pole. THIS IS THE RESULT!!!

Today SwellinG's gone down....

It's a bit be'er now, coz i did this yesterday... but LET THIS BE A LESSON TO U ALL!!... be careful out there... the world sometimes AIN'T your oyster!...

Check out ma blog... it ain't much now... but watch this space..

Take care everyone... it's cold in UK man...


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

UNi starting

hello hello!
how is everyone?

This time of the year we were usually back on campus, by today, will be in tesco doing groceries shopping and 'fight' for fridge space (except u Dhar! hahahaha j/k)

so this year, abit weird, then when u start seeing everyone online on msn, then u know that school's starting...then when people's msn nick is like ABC---Tocil 35 or BCD ---takett at 5p.m...heheheheh

school is fun..but no compalintss.cause exam is not fun also!! heheh but well enjoy ur last one year in uni for those still Ian says 'delaying the inevitable' is always good...

anywayss...just remembering uni and sudden urge to study again...hahahahha...but thanx to all of u yeah who made my uni days so memorable....


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Picturess pleaseee

Hello! Vid here! Just to let u all know, I am in Surabaya now. Still jobeless and directionless. heheheh

How's everyone? Found job yet?

By the way, just want to ask whether, whoever that has the graduation pics, can send it to the email made for pics sharing.

The email is:
password: 05warwick

Ringo's grad pics can be found in the email he made, if i'm not mistaken, it's, password: morses

I dont have pics from grad in my camera, but i'll attach the one from chris' camera there.
please please send the pics... thank u!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Desperate Housewives new season

The new season of DH is coming out on the 25th Sept. But this time dunno where to download. If any1 knows, tell me please!