Monday, August 25, 2008

August Kids

Happy belated bday to Fel, Shiling and Poncho!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bangkok - revisited through pics

was reading on the posts when this blog was started.. and within a day, there are so many posts... which brings back so many memories.

so in an effort to make this blog 'alive' again... am trying to post more stuffs... so please find



Somethings never change: Mabel enjoying her ice cream

The Guys and their 'Santa'

The posers in Siam Paragon toliet














scroll down










prepare yourself







KL Trip Day 8

Day 8 in KL: Met up with MH, Dhar and Mabs at The Gardens.. Donny joined us too.. Thanks to him for the photos..

Had dinner at Alexis, where we ordered different kind of rice-dish.. too bad dont have the photos..

Mabel, here's the long awaited photo. heheheheh =p

and we have reached the last photo of the 9 days long KL Trip..
the next day.. met up with Mabel MH and Christie. went to Centerpoint for lunch and then off to the airport.
Thankss MH for sending me to airport.. and to all of u for the hospitality.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KL Trip Day Day 5 and 6

The orders in this entry is reversed...

24th July: Luna Bar
with Mabel and MH, we tried the famous Luna Bar..
Miss FFK, FFK again.. =p

Beautiful View from Luna Bar

Mabel and I posing in front of the twin tower, before the sun set
we had a pizza which is of goat's cheese (Mabel only find out about this the next few days).
we were still hungry so went to mamak near KLCC and met up with Christie

23rd July 2008: Devi's Corner, Bangsar.
Met up with Mabel Dhar and MH after training at Bangsar (where else!)
and coincidentally met Halim there..

KL Trip Day 2: 20 July 2008

Thanksss KH and Fel for the course on blogging 101.. hahahhaha
btw.. i tried copy and paste, and the pic disappear

so continuing from previous entry

The following pics are taken at Times Square.. at the Gui Ling Gao place *forgot the name*

Mabel peeking on Christie's drink..

Wei - Wen laughing at the Superman Jokes

The Girls

and then we all went to send fel weide and hongchoy to their coach back to Singapore

and say bye to KianHui who is going back to Ipoh

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday Babies

Happy Birthday to




Saturday, August 09, 2008

KL Trip July 2008

start blogging: time: 10.30

Updates and Photos from my trip to KL

Photo taken in Bangsar Village, after dinner at some thai place *forgot the name*.. thankss Bernard for taking the pics..

Met lots of ex-warwickians.. Hong Choy, Weide and Fel also came from Singapore.

finish uploading 2 pics: 11.03

(can someone tell me how to do this faster????????

everytime the pic is uploaded, it will appear on the top of the page and not continue from where the entry last stop --> is it supposed to be like this?)

after dinner pics - at Chawan? in bangsar

Dhar.. what are u peeping at?

After this we went to Christie's house to play uno stacko (where weide with his law of physics keep on losing) and scrabble (wei-wen the scrabble queen)

everyone was too tired to take any pics

--- end of day 1 ( 19 July 08)

time: 11:23

Ayam Penyet

The famous Indo restaurant at Lucky Plaza

Was delighted to see Teh Botol Sorso in the menu! Reminded me of the Bali trip..

The Teh Botol came in a glass instead of a botol...KNS!

This is the famous dish...Ayam Penyet (Smashed Chicken)

The food was yummy!...but wasnt satisfied with the Teh Botol...there's a reason for it to be called Teh Botol la!...the Teh must be in the Botol...not in a glass...KNN!

remember your friends & family

Saturday, August 02, 2008


time for holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 7-12 november....almost a year since BKK....