Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Picturess pleaseee

Hello! Vid here! Just to let u all know, I am in Surabaya now. Still jobeless and directionless. heheheh

How's everyone? Found job yet?

By the way, just want to ask whether, whoever that has the graduation pics, can send it to the email made for pics sharing.

The email is: warwick05@gmail.com
password: 05warwick

Ringo's grad pics can be found in the email he made, if i'm not mistaken, it's morse_photo@yahoo.com, password: morses

I dont have pics from grad in my camera, but i'll attach the one from chris' camera there.
please please send the pics... thank u!!!!!


Anonymous said...

oops i think i got some
and a couple of u with ur family vid....ok when i'm not lazy i post ok....WHEN i'm not lazy...hahahaha

ali decky

vid said...

deqi, it's a new academic year, a new place, so new deqi..so dotn be LAZY....hahahha

KH said...

finally, uploaded my grad photo; sent to both emails!