Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hey guys!!!

Hey guys! been a while since the last update, thought I'd let all of you know that Mr. Voo Mun Hou will be joining my dept in EY! woohoo... been getting questions from my colleagues "hey that guy who did MORSE also, your friend ar? he nice ar?" huahuahua guess what i said? =P told them he was a slacker lah. =) Anyway how is everyoneee??? Mabess how's your analyst job goin? interesting? kh also havent heard from u in a while. viddd... still going home at 7pm? heh heh. Deqi, the last man standing.. well except amelia. hehe can't do last minute stuff anymore eh? =D

Anyway, its new year's eve.. and i've got absolutely no idea what to do later. so sad. lol. I wish you guys a merry christmas, happy boxing day, and a excellent new year!!! take care dudes & dudettes!


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