Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Overdue than my old library book....

Thank you ALL for all the hospitality, treats and company whilst I visited Msia/Indo. Wanna come again for sure!!!... let's say.. max one year's time ok...last year my trip ended on 19th Sept, this year my trip ended on 18th Sept... ... so i'll expect to say goodbye again on 17th Sept next year :)

This is Penang Dam... scenic ey?

Can you all spot Super Komtar? (dunno if neone know's this... some should...clue=it's famous for its height :)

Waterfall....(why do waterfalls have infinite supply of water? i asked my geography teacher last time... think she's still thinking bout it... :)

Tourists can choose to sign these tiles (RM50+ depending on tile type):

To build this:

To shelter this Grand Magnificent Statue at Kek Lok Si Temple:

Was quite tired after this so stood around to take some photos:

Visited a world famous relief centre - where volunteers will go to aid those in need, for example during the Tsunami 2004 . The centre is called Tzu Chi. Took this pic inside the centre:

The picture is made up of many smaller pics - really clever piece of art!

That more or less concludes my stay in Penang!... now for KL..

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