Saturday, July 26, 2008


After a fun time at game mage r? that the name Mabes?

Time for another game to see if you know your friends...kakakaka...

OK, this is how you play.

1. Click on COMMENTS and just match the number in the circle with the name of your MORSE coursemate.
2. Tips are available in the left pic (taken at Grand Palax).
3. Due to the super old pic, additions i.e. WW and Xtie have not been completed so they're not inside.. :P
5. Answers will be revealed on 1.8.08.
6. Let's see who's the most power database!


Adwin said...

so easy!

1 MH
2 KH
3 Vid
4 Mabe
5 Dhar

hc said...

eh...where was I?...kekeke

Anonymous said...

haahahahahahahaha that time u were in melaka



poncho said...

rem we had this frozen lake on top of gibbet hill - did we get someone to stand on top and take photos?

Mun Hou said...

i think u guys must be very GAN JEONG SPIDER for the answers...ok la...

1 MH
2 KH
3 Vid
4 Mabe
5 Dhar

so the grand prize winner is KH!...congrats...BBEE BEEE BOO BOO BA BA....

grand prize winner will have 10 yrs of good luck ahead...CHEERS