Sunday, November 09, 2008

WaRwiCk ChRisTmaS PyjAmA PaRtAay 2008!

oei!! mh...hc....stop drooling.
hahahha.... !!
sorrie.. but i dun think you guys are gonna see any of those in the party. ahhahaha...

aiyah sian.. why my flyer so ugly and so blur. (hehe i'm daaamn free hoh! :p)


(yes you! wherever you are... uk, indo, msia wherever la!)

are cordially invited to THE most happening (hahaha) partay ever!

Details as follow:

Date: 26 December 2008 (Friday)

Venue: Singapore

(weebeng has kindly agreed to lend his place :))

Dress Code: Pyjamas

(or School Uniform actually in case you guys shy to wear pyjama woahahah)

Please join us to celebrate this joyous occasion! :)

Please RSVP.


msia no pyjamas said...

la senza lingerie not sexy one..can opt for others?..hahaha...weebs gonna wear la senza r?..

can have exception clause for Msia? cos u know msia is so outdate, i think tarak lingerie and pyjamas one leh...

fe li ci a said...

how can dun haveeeee....

nemind la just come! :)

warwick05 said...

nemind? u sure anot....we all wear tshirt and shorts when sleep wor...some just wear boxers..ALLOWED ma?...kakaka