Saturday, January 24, 2009

Down Memory Lane

View from the car -- COVENTRY
and... finally arrived in Warwick - here pic of WBS

BOOKSTORE -- the only place which was opened during Xmas Eve

anyone remember what this shop used to be called? it's changed to music store

ACCR -- remind me of the lecture where Dhar and WW was aksed to get coffee outside.. heheh what lecture was that?

Butterworth Hall under renovation.
Maybe so can fit more people for exams..

this is the comp lab below library, near the library cafe -- forgot what it is called
it's all LCD noww..

library - too bad cant go in

This is the new building which is built on the field opposite cs building...
so if u r walking from tocil.. cant see the cs building right away, since it is hidden by this building

was the bridge linking cs to maths building there during our time?

view of the international digital laboratory and computer science building -
taken from claycroft

Sports Centre


Dhar --- this is our kitchen. the chairs has changed

HC's flat

Guess which one is Mabel's and Shiling's --- MH cant get ur window la


Deqi's Flat

Guess who used to stay there,
with the private fridge..hint: 6-months old rice cooker.

Wei-wen's special memory.. hehhehe

Cost Cutter - closed during Xmas Eve

inside the union.. cant remember what it used to be called

View of Rootes Building from outside

HSBC & Nat West

Bar Food become Bar Fusion - specializing on Asian food..
too bad didnt get to try it as the place was closed

no 12 Bus.
NEXT is London --- Meeting up with Mabel for lunch and some English tea on Boxing Day


after lunch at a Korean Rest in SoHo -- talk abt going to Europe, and yet still eating Asian food..
I asked Mabel ' have u had all sorts of food which u missed?'
and her replies 'yeah, i had kit kat, walkers already' ---
hhhehehe glad to know that somethings doesnt change

4 seasons, now open in ChinaTown - Leicester Square

the famous 'sanyo' in london - with Mabel


Kian said...

the music store use to be a gift shop rite?? where redha used to work...... dun remember the name also

no pics of the maths stats building and gibbet hill??

vid said...

gibbet hill dont have.... didnt manage to go there. it was dark by 3.30..and very hard to take pic outdoor already when it's dark... maths building should have... let me look for it.. it still looks the same though.. didnt go in as well..everywhere was closed.. tesco was closed too

Anonymous said...

looking at the photos, counting how the number of years we have graduated.... 4-5 years...

seems Warwick changes quite a bit..

those good old days...


Dhar said...

Vid... great idea mann! nice pics... We never actually took pictures of the various spots at uni while we were there mann... these are good too keep for old times sake...

The plastic chairs we had in the kitchen look more comfortable compared to these new wooden ones...

chuahTC said...

.... good times, happy days!!