Thursday, August 25, 2005

Missing Bali already!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everybodeee.... for those who didn't come with us, Bali was superduper fantastic!!!!!! "Was one of our best trips ever" I quote from mabel. mannn.... was so good lah. i also forgot to do this before we parted, so i'll do it now... i wanna extend a HUGE


Thanks for the thorough planning, everything was perfect!!! we didn't have to lift a finger... well maybe to swim. and "play volleyball and football". and to point at innocent villagers to kill. hehe. we would have been so lost lah if not for you guys!!! We must do this again!!!!!!

I totally forgot how to put pictures up, so forgive me. But i think we should all zip our files and send them to our joint gmail account. Does it still exist???

Oh yeah... and have a great year in Columbia, DEQI!!! we will miss you!!!

Anyhoo, this will just be (another) short post, cos i've got work tomolo. Well, sorta. haha sounds so pro la... "i've got work tomorrow" eleh...
OKIE DOKIES take good care of yourselves people til we meet again! i just have to say it again, the bali trip was absolutely priceless!

wei-wen a.k.a ww

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