Friday, August 26, 2005

greetings from the land that everyone left is everyone???
fel just left, now only chris is left.
so quiet her now...
but soon will be going singapore (mos probably on the 29th) and if possible go kl with shiling ( i miss u guys too much) hahhahah.

so so DHARMINI THURAISINGAM u have no excuse BUT u better receive me well..u owe me that much after ffk me soooo many times..hahhahaha

i'll bring u indo mie and chicken spices, so dont worry..hehhehe..and interesting stories =p

well, BALI was excellent!!!!!! felt like living a dream in Bali, everywhere dont seem real...but now back to reality...job searching again.

for more stories abt Bali, refere to shiling's blog...and pics to be posted soon.

take care for now!

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woman said...

Hey is that Vidya!??!!'s time that Fel should leave la...Give u and chris some time alone...wahaha...anyway hope to see u soon!...