Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First Blog Entry!!!

Hello ppl! How are you guys doing? Been very busy of late with classes and labs. I just finished my exams which I spent a good part of it studying now taking a few days during term time would you believe it?

Nothing much intrestring happened during my time in London yet but on and off I get some visitors in London. Though I'll post some of the limited number of pictures that I have taken during my time here. Met up with Chris and Amelia during my Christmas break and spent part of it in Warwick with Yanning and Weebeng.

Some of the people from my course (mostly guys which is why I am so sian) taken on Guy Fawkes day where we went to see fireworks at some random park in London.

Took this pic when Amelia came down to London during the Christmas break. The three of us met up on Bond street and went on a walking tour for I think 2 hours maybe? Chris was acting like a tourist! Taking pictures of everything. One cannot help but suspect if he does indeed stay in London. I think he is a what I would call a part time Londoner.

One of the random pics that Chris took of the Christmas lights in London!

Another great shot taken by the part time Londoner............

Chris makes me look so short :(. Oh well I came to accept along time ago.

Amelia and Me along some random street.

Chris trying to take over my kitchen. The pots and pans in front makes him stand out!

Picture of my room and Deqi FYI, I am in room 'F' again.

Then Christmas break came and I went down to Warwick with Yanning. During Christmas eve, some random Singaporean 1st year got me to drink so much that I actually puked twice! I think it was 8 glasses of champaine. Funny thing was that I didnt get drunk! Still cant believe that I drank so much! Even Levin cant get me to drink so much! Oh well first time for everything I suppose

Yanning, Mr Beng and Mr Beng's housemate who happened to have his birthday while I was there.

Yanning and a certain PK that we know. Hahahaha! Yanning thinks that she looks extra good in this picture but thats because the photographer(i.e. me) is good

Me and Ian! As you guys can see he lost alot of weight! Hahaha stress of beinging a Masters student

I think those are the pictures I want to show! Don't think will be uploading in a long long long long time! Term 2 is a busy term. Time for me to retreat to the lib................

Wei De


vid said...

wei de, it;s good to hear from u. hope u r doing fine. do blog more often.

poncho said...

wang cai!....i finally found u, wang cai.....wong zhong yu wan dou lei lar....wong choi.....