Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy 2006!

Hey ppl, Happy New Year!

Well, I was in Kuching during the New Year weekend with my sisters. It's quite a nice place to visit, maybe you all can go there sometimes for a break. If you want any recommendation, ask me k?

However, din do anything during Christmas. Only get myself a new bowling ball as Christmas cum New Year present. Hahaha...... The very 1st game after 9 months (except for the 1 in Mid Valley during my birthday), still could get 171! So happy......... then next game 173........ Really glad that I din buy a lousy bowling ball.

Congrats to MH. Finally got a job oledi. Hope you will have fun with it! Chris, how's the P&G job?

As I told some of you before, I might go back to UK next month, to accompany my sis who is going to study in B'ham (excuse....hahaha). So hopefully, everything is fine and I can go. Then I will have the chance to attend M'sia Nite. Hehehehe.........

Ok for now. Once again wish u all Happy New Year. Til later.


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