Wednesday, April 05, 2006

~ALI "BABA" DECKY~ the one where deqi post his face relentlessly

JUST WHEN u guys more seeing poncho...that lame dude...
NOOOOOO~~~ (*in russell peters' chinese tone*) i is post my photos here
me me and more me
so don't forget me!


1. the Garden (w/ t-mac behind)
2. i is tried ma best to look kool but still...
3. on new year's day...where was everyone..?
4. columbia during record blizzard (w/ ringo's orange belt)
5. F4 posterboys.....can u tell that this was NOT my idea? really ar....maybe...
(p/s: that shirt! that pants! from u guys~~i brought them all the way here...)
6. this is me. i miss my black glasses...coz broken...


Anonymous said...

Wah miss u man deqi..


KH said...

you should get a pair of contact lens for sports then

Boss Lepton said...

yo it's your junior wilson yo

found this blog when i was searching for siu yok in kl, apparently got forwarded to dunno who's post when some of u guys were eating in this siu yok shop in pudu

anyway wahahah!!! leng, why dun u add a tag board to this blog?