Sunday, April 02, 2006

long a due entry

Dear all, how has everyone's been. it has been good getting all the emails, although it is clogging up emails and have to create special folders for them. nothing much here. was just reading Fel's blog (Fel, ur blog indeed makes people hungry), and if u miss warwick, and the life u used to have, read the blog, and u will miss it more. heheh.. but good remembrance, THX Fel!!! the blog really reflects student life, enjoy it while u can. few pics, some from singapore, dont know if i had psoted it before and some is pics taken in Jakarta.

This is pic of Shiling and Jean aka Miss Funky Hair at NYDC at Wheelock Place in November 2005.

This is me and Shiling at MOS burger...

These are pics from KL Midvalley. Mr MH and Miss Leow could only join for dinner., where suprisingly Dhar ate lots.

This is scenery of Jakarta, just before the sun sets. It is opposite Plaza Indonesia, where we had dinner (see: following pic)

This pic consists of EX- Warwick people since ages. not many eh. heheh. this is when Mus came back, just before new year.

That's all for now, not much pics, till the next visit to KL or singapore or if any of u comign here. Fel , come back soon, so we can take lots of pics. cant find anyone as crazy as u.

And, keep the emails going peeps (Ms Leow, keep the replying mode consistent. heheheh)

Take care



mus said...

Wah Vid, nice pics man. Makes me miss all you guys and miss Jakarta too. You got a good pic of it there - no macet. KH, Shifu, Shiling and Chris won't recognise it from when they came!

Eh, what's everyone doing in July/August? Am back in the region then. All I can say is...KARAOKE TIME!!!

Hope everyone's well.

fe li ci a said...

yooooooooooooooooo vid!! very long never check out this website... hehehe...but happen to see it many tributes to me...woah woah..damn touched! ahahhaha... must take pictureeeeeeeeeeeee.... if not how to rememebr things...

sigh..everyone stop asking me when i'm going back man.. i dooooont want to go baaack! hahaha...

Anonymous said...

omg... this blog is still ard? totally forgot about this! VID, fantastic, you're coming down(i mean up)! Chris will be ard til 20th so u can catch him before he leaves . ehhehe