Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KL Trip Day 8

Day 8 in KL: Met up with MH, Dhar and Mabs at The Gardens.. Donny joined us too.. Thanks to him for the photos..

Had dinner at Alexis, where we ordered different kind of rice-dish.. too bad dont have the photos..

Mabel, here's the long awaited photo. heheheheh =p

and we have reached the last photo of the 9 days long KL Trip..
the next day.. met up with Mabel MH and Christie. went to Centerpoint for lunch and then off to the airport.
Thankss MH for sending me to airport.. and to all of u for the hospitality.


hc said...

Good job with the Donny's pic mann Vid!...kakaka...finally get to see how Mabel's BOYFRIEND looks like..hehe

How long did u take do all the postings this time??...6hrs?

girl girl said...

hahaha 60 hrs?..

who is the guy next to donny? thtat his friend? he is damn handsome

boy boy said...

Where is that leng chai "gor gor" from Melaka?...he is damn zhai la..

hot chic said...

where got leng chai from melakap?....not zhai la...damn shagged la...