Saturday, August 09, 2008

KL Trip July 2008

start blogging: time: 10.30

Updates and Photos from my trip to KL

Photo taken in Bangsar Village, after dinner at some thai place *forgot the name*.. thankss Bernard for taking the pics..

Met lots of ex-warwickians.. Hong Choy, Weide and Fel also came from Singapore.

finish uploading 2 pics: 11.03

(can someone tell me how to do this faster????????

everytime the pic is uploaded, it will appear on the top of the page and not continue from where the entry last stop --> is it supposed to be like this?)

after dinner pics - at Chawan? in bangsar

Dhar.. what are u peeping at?

After this we went to Christie's house to play uno stacko (where weide with his law of physics keep on losing) and scrabble (wei-wen the scrabble queen)

everyone was too tired to take any pics

--- end of day 1 ( 19 July 08)

time: 11:23


hc said...

PWOAAAH!!...finally some1 else do a post...alwaz been MH and I..hehe..nice nice!

Ahaha...took u almost an hr to finish ur post...dial-up sux!

Mun Hou said...


VId!...nice nice post....

thumbs up!

Adwin said...

it's the connection problem la.....

vid said...

is it suppose to be whenever pic is uploaded, the latest pic appear most top??

btw..later during the wkend then i update the following days photo

Adwin said...

u can at most upload 5 pics at one time.

yup, 'latest pic appear most top'; gonna use 'cut n paste' or dragging to move the pic

fe li ci a said...

ya vid.. i know wat you mean. i thot it was damn stupid also man.. hehe