Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BKK day tiga (3)

Baan Thai Suk 16 on Sukhumvit Soi 16!
read from the vid's travel guide book one... very authentic thai-style looking house. very niceee... food also goood! awesomeee.... ! :)

vid you take one ah? very artistic lehhh....

nice nice...

take group pic sinnn... before food comesss...

ordered all the recommended food dishes from the book. haha.. but very nice very nice!

we tried to be adventurous and ordered raw prawns. everyone ate. except me.

it was already in my mouth.. just couldnt swallow it in man... damn gross.. hahah.. more like my mind was scaring myself :p

nice hor the architecture... hehe

next stop!

Kuppa for coffeeee....

chieeeee.... check out my new polaroid :D cool hor cool hor??

hahhaha.. no it's not my DLSR. i hold to pose pose only.. hehe.. pro hor!

dessert... before we go to Platinum to shop shoppp

very hamsome laaa hc... buy buy buy! :p

that place really man.. has eeeeeverything!! a dream place for every woman who likes shopping. cheap and many variety! shud go shud go... :)

pretty leh viddd.. :)

Dinner at some mall.. hahaha cant remember man seriously :p

food also not bad la hor...

tireeeeed... so chill chill at homeeee...!!
drink somemore drink somemore!! hahah... kidding la.. posing only.. .we drank v little..

errr....dun ask me what they doing.

manly leh hc.... kekekeke

okok they were trying out their new clothes la.. these boys. woman also dun try at home laaa.. only guys do that. hahaha :p
okok sleep sleep! tmrw going back deeeee.... :(

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