Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laaaast day at BKK :(

We went to work with Vid.. and had bf around her office...

chilling out for the last few moments w vid vid :)

and it's time for sayonaraaaa.... byebye (sorry never take pics in airport)

okok LAAAAAAAAAST thing i need to bitch!

check out the multi coloured instant camera in a shop i found in bkk!! SOOO COOOOLL.... and i bought mine more ex somemore :( all the films here also cheaper... so i hurry hurry buy buy... but come back still regret. should have bought more... hmmm

hahhaha.. okok.. this is not the last post of bkk okie? i need to take pics of all the polaroids pictures we took then can upload. veeeerry troublesome process. hahaha.. but will do it sooon!!

bkk funnn!! :)

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Vid said...

Come again!!!