Friday, November 11, 2005

Driving Attempt

I'm learning driving. So during the Ramadan holiday.. I tried to learn parking by myself and what happen can be seen above..hehhehe..It's a really bad dent!! My driver had a shocked when he came to work after the holiday =p

Anyway, How is everyone? Seems like been busy???



Mus said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Lucu Vid! Don't worry, it happens to us all. I put a scratch in to a car when I was learning and even after I passed my test I put a dent in SOMEONE ELSE'S car while backing out of a driveway. Oops. Luckily, he was a nice guy and I just paid him the cost of repairing it.

Hope you're well. How's job search? Chris and I going up to Warwick soon to annoy Fel. Febri also coming up. Will take pics for you man.


FCBONNnngG said...


Viddd vidd... my instructor says:

"c'mon chris, LOOK in the direction u're ttravelling!!!.. *other shouting*..."

My driving is quite awfull.. =S


Anonymous said...

HEY VID, thaz cool least the car came back with four wheels..hehehe....woman....

weiwen said...

hahaha vid... cool stuff. you can drive now... quick come work in msia then we can car pool :)