Sunday, June 22, 2008


An 'old' pic of 'old' ppl at Old Town Kopitiam

It's been a great weekend!
Almost 10 meals in 1 day plus a half. 
How much did we pay? 
Just an average of about RM50 per person.

Some of the food that we ate:-

Pork & Chicken Satay

Home made Caramel Custard

Sotong & Kangkung in spicy peanut sauce

Fried Mantis Shrimp - Fried Calamari - Sweet Radish Cake - Fried Clam

Curry Noodle - Popiah


hc said...

Awesome weekend!...although it was a short 1..but great to catch up with u makan-makan trip..Melaka?

warwick05 said...

Yeah man, TQ Kian Hui for ur hospitality and Mun Hou for giving us a lift to Ipoh (for the KL folks).

Adwin said...

it's my pleasure la......

poncho said...

lets have a SPORTS trip too badminton basketball bowling singing (KTV) and frisbee! + rafting trekking and camping!

Mun Hou said...

singing KTV is sports meh?..hahahaha......not my pleasure..but no choice...HAHAHAHAHHA...just kidding la...i know the serious ppl are tking it seriously...this post must be KH la