Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Water Rafting

U all must go try water rafting!! It's excitingly awesome!!! Very fun.


hc said...

Ahaha..look at u KH in the pic...never seen u so excited b4...must had lotsa fun huh...MH and I will go up to Ipoh after my exam!!

Mun Hou said...

yea we go IPOH..i already got my itenary d...

9-10am: reach ipoh, go eat the famous CURRY MEE which moved from opp police station

10am: eat sar hor fun at TIN CHUN

11am: go sun yuen loong enjoy coffee and chicken cake sin

12pm: eatsome stuff KH recommend

1pm: go kh house and chill

6pm: go gomez square eat curry mee and some famous fried stuff

7pm: go drink that famous BEER drink

9pm: rum jungle

next morning: go YUM CHA ipoh style

eat that famous egg tart and tau fu fah

then etc etc la

hc said...

Puuuaahhhhhhh...all we do is eat eat eat!!

Adwin said...

after the trip
i suffered the post-vacation down syndrome again
like last after the bangkok trip

the sky is so grey!

hc said...

hang in there KH!...MH and I will shoot up to Ipoh soon...the sky will be BLUE again!

Adwin said...

let's go make a record
follow mh's itinerary
have never eaten all good food in one day

vmh said...

hahaha alright kh...this blog is becoming ours soon....me u hc...hahaha...

Adwin said...

maybe we should just stop emailing
but leaving comments here...