Friday, June 13, 2008

MH's itinerary to Ipoh - Very Crazy

9-10am: reach ipoh, go eat the famous CURRY MEE which moved from opp police station

10am: eat sar hor fun at TIN CHUN
(KH: plus pork satay & caramel custard)

11am: go sun yuen loong enjoy coffee and chicken cake sin

12pm: eatsome stuff KH recommend
(KH: hor hee (fish hor fun) & tau fu fah)

1pm: go kh house and chill
(KH: Ipoh style fried yong tau fu)

6pm: go gomez square eat curry mee and some famous fried stuff
(KH: can go eat chee cheong fun b4 that; gonna queue and get no)

7pm: go drink that famous BEER drink
(KH: or go eat tong sui)

9pm: rum jungle

next morning: go YUM CHA ipoh style
(KH: dun 4get lucky restaurant)

eat that famous egg tart and tau fu fah

then etc etc la

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Mun Hou said...


got a lot more leh kh...gourmets square eat PISSING PRAWN, one loh bak koh (sweet one, but must go early) then also got curry laksa, they say damn shiook must order the dry one

then also must eat at superkinta market curry mee or laksa r?..cant remember...

beef ball also..made of tendon etc..IPOH MALI!