Monday, June 23, 2008

Ipoh Mali..

This is Fel...9.30 pm @ Singapore

Finally in Ipoh after 8hrs on the coach

This is Fel...5.30am @ Ipoh

OI!!..U ppl cant just squad down and play cards in public la!..The "mata" will arrest u

First meal in Ipoh...Dim Sum @ Foh San

Crazy ppl makan Dim Sum..

Serious ppl makan Dim Sum..

Next stop...Thean Chun Kopitiam

Famous shredded chicken Hor Fun @ Thean Chun

Fel named it as "Recycled Satay"

Lunch @ Big Tree Leg

Waiting for food to come..

And here they are!..Fried Yong Tau Fu and Assam Laksa..

Watching polo..

Dinner @ Gourmet Square...which 1 of these gave me, MH and Fel the diarrhea?

1 comment:

Mun Hou said... early already gambling..squat down some more!...hahaha so "broken gamble"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually u guys didnt have to gamble like that..cos we were already ready to pick u up..but u know la har..erm erm...hahaha