Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Ipoh Shots!

dharmenee... stop checking out mr voo. eat man eat.

got caught by mr lame lee. he's looking straight at me man!

i think this shot quite nice wat dhar... hahhaha

pigging at the "Recycled Satay" place.. hehehe

hongchoy... why... your drinks got leaves?

famous toufu-fa

waiting at foot reflexology


deqi!! hahahahaha

nice eh?

but pple dunnoe it was quite smelly. horse poo!


must be that sweet carrot cake.... hehehe


mabel so fierce.

last meal in ipoh before we left!


Anonymous said...

There are times to laugh, singing, silence and cry enjoy as it will not be long for us to discover and realize we catch up with our ages.

poncho said...

what a weird comment at 3.57pm?!?!?!

anyway, nice picts...fel ur camera phone quite pro ah!

Dhar said...

haha... you sure chose the nicer one of the two that were taken eh...

The other one had your cheeks looking all 'inflated' with the mountain of food in it mann... post that one instead :P

Mun Hou said...

wah..samaritan also likes fel's post..but dont understand la...

anyway dhar i also dont understand what u mean...hhehe u quite active r...must be the white coffee...kekeke...

great trip