Wednesday, June 29, 2005


hellooo this is not Fel. hahahhaha. athough sounds like Fel.hahhahaha (fel, get the joke? =p )

anyway Bali, yeah decide when so can booked...the early the better..

and Fel, give me your sg and jkt no.. thank uuu

me here, do nothing...finish with korean dramas, yest just watched the incredibles, then today since morning been applying for jobs..hhahahah.. tomorrow i will be going to Surabaya, got test with die ded..i got no calculator, have to buy everything today, and shirts and shoes.

mh, heard u r going back??? oh no!!! less people to take photo with and i wont see u, u better come to Bali!

ok people, update regularly


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Mun Hou said...

Hi mam!...Good to hear that u have been so dedicated in looking for jobs and now u even have interviews...Good good!...Tried to apply to singapore yet?..apply there la...cause i hope to apply there too...yea ar, i am returning home next wednesday...I am going to miss everyone so much!!!...I will go find Chris on Monday and hang round with him while meet those who are in London as well!..It'll be fun to hook chris up again..It's also been awhile since i used my real name for this comment and not being Anonymous..haha..i only do that when I say crap abt shiling...anyway...hope to see u again la vidya!..maybe KL, INdo or Singapore!...Will miss u a lot since wont catch u at graduation!...sigh...