Thursday, June 02, 2005

hey peepz...

check this out.. guess its reallie fun to blog and all..

today was pretty fun.. with dinner at nandos and a movie.. mundane stuff.. but yet out of the ordinary coz we havent done it for such a long time..little stuff goes a long long way..

If you cant change the world, you can certainly change yourself; and while the world changes with you, try find true meaning, purpose and love in defining this very life that we call our own.

yeay.. bloggins is fun.. and yet another blog where i find release!!!! :)
blog on.. with many many happy memories to come.


warwick05 said...

who is this? shiling? vid here..teaching chris how to post msgs, he only knows how to put comments...hahahah.... can we change the setting to anonymous comment? shiling u know how?

warwick05 said...

oh ya.. this is shiling here.. hhahahahahahaahah

warwick05 said...

hhahah. this feels spasticated. we are commenting to ourselves.. as the same person comments over and over again.. gotta find some more sophisticated method ... sigh..