Saturday, June 18, 2005

home sweet home

greetings from home!! =)

how's everyone? home is great, can eat good food and dont have to do laundry, clean room, do dishes, cook...hheheheh

it's hot here! 32degree when i arrived....

and what's with the battering bet MH and shiling? *something going on bet u both*??? =p

DHarminiiii...still havent text me!!! too much!!, everynight i sleep thinking abt u but u still havent text...hahahhaha

WW, post ur pics here....ok ok..

oh and cant get into windows messenger here and msn is to slow to download :s

Fel saw ur blog, looks more like pictures blog...hahhahhah but good effort, will wait for ur next cooking adventures.


WomanHo said...

WEI Vidya! You are back home!...good good...Nothing going on la of course, as usual, I am doing my routine work of always reminding her of herself. If no one wanna do it, then I have to do it la...the dirty work but I don't mind la. It's tiring and stressing but someone's just gotta do it and let it be me la..HAHahHAhaHa...Anyway take care..when back here, let us know!..

fe li ci a said...

VIDYAAA... blog suppose to be a picture blog.. so dont expect...personal..heart pouring blog lah.. hoh.. hahahah

weiwen said...

viddd!!! hehehe mannn i missed your "farewell" ... darn. anywayyyy picss ?? hehe later later... no time mannnn. hows indo? hot? here's worse!!! cos no fan, no aircond. gosh how do we survive. hehe come back soooooooonnnnnnn yea