Thursday, June 02, 2005

Attempt at "poetry"

A group of us friends gathered near Panorama,
Releasing our stress at the end of an era,
We all moved as one to the Tocil roundabout,
To decide what to eat where to go just to hang out.

As celebration we had a huge Nando's dinner,
With extra hot peri-peri washed down with cola,
Boisterously we made our way to the cinema,
To watch Monster-in-Law with J Lo and Jane Fonda.

We've gone through so much of the happy and sad,
Stuck on together during good times and bad,
And so it is clear that the friendship we share,
Is filled with good memories and laughter and care!

muahahaha... couldn't resist the temptation of being lame... ;P



vid said...

WOW good attempt..truthfully i thought it was SHiling, then as i read, it says Mabel...woww...u both somehow sounds alike at poemsss.

weiwen said...

wooooooooooooooooooosh... not bad mabel... guess the english lit paid off eh? :)

vid said...

wow...ww we r simultaneously checking eh...i refresh, eh got one more comment, so fun +)

fel said...

you all free wat..wat the hell.. of course can refresh and got new msg lah.. hahaha

have to say... what a darn sweet and sad poeeeeeeeeem....

KH said...

good poem
keep it up!