Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Everyone's on hols!!!

aloooo....think most all of u will read this only when u come back.

it has been so quiet here in Cov since all of u left (except me, shiling, mh, deqi and chris)..ohh and of course Fel. (Fel, how u post the pic? did u open up a halo account?)

Nothing much to do..I have been cleaning my room, yesterday threw away 2 plastic bags worth of 3 yeas phone bills and statements...

Then had dinner with mh, chris, shiling/ pics to post though, we used up all the left over meats from steamboat, and the one u left, Dhar.

Then today went to work gallery with Shiling, end up talking for more than an hour. And if u ever feel the weather's too hot, go to the gallery, they have air-con, and it is freezing there.

Tonight gonna make tiramisu....hahha keep finger crossed...

Shiling been watching drama all day long..Chris been studying the put/call options, MM, dividend...hahhaha sounds familiar? MH been working in Rootes...nothing much to do here really, but pack.

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