Monday, June 13, 2005

go go go go go go green!!!!!

its super duper boring here in warwick.. esp after vid leaves.. sigh.. and its more so boring. coz there is this really irri person here.. he stays in tocil 45F.. wonder who is that???? that person is sooooooooooooooo irri irri irri irri irri

vid!!!! we love ya!!!!


danielkorean said...

Of course life is boring for you cause you are a weird person...Only Vidya was nice enough to spend time with you. All of us are realistic, we dont wanna do stupid things with the weird girl...HAHAHAHA...

warwick05 said...

funny la.. u think u are funny la..
wat the hell does danielkorean mean???? hur?? u think pple know meh???
anywae.. vid was the nicest person anywae. coz she never insulted me like u and stupid shifu do. okie!!!! and im not weird.. im just ME!!!!!!!!!