Friday, June 10, 2005

hey peeps...

long time no blog.. its been quite quiet recently.. with most in spain. and some in greece.. and mh has happily boycotted this blog.. blah blah blah.. we've been having some fun recently. haha.. like celebrating vid's birthday.. with a oh-so-sweet-renderition of IF by Bread.. and it was sooo touching.. please msn us if u all want a copy of it..
and then we had the usual karaoke session.. haahah. with daniel singing teng li jun.. watever her name is.. and us singing some funny stuff.. sing along sing along..

we had a picnic..under the big oak tree...was fun.. we saw lotsa pple.. and today... vid, mh, shifu and i had nice tea tea at time for tea.. .. and we were talking so much shit. and there was this relalie cute little fella.. who's half taiwanese.. half british i think..and he speaks better chinese than i do. and he is oh so cute.. i want my kids to be like that. hahaha.. which makes me wanna have kids now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we made tiramisu that day. which was pretty successful.. and we are gonna have more fun tmr.. yeay yeay yea..

deqi: still cant put up pics.. coz warwick05 aint online. hahaha.. wonder why.

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womanho said...

who said i boycotted the page? are can never predict me...haha...i am unpredictable one!! was a nice outing at a nice and serene place...great to have spend some time with Vidya before she left and cool to hang round with Shifu to give shit to you..haha...good fun Shifu...and thanks for bringing us around the grave...nvr remember how stupid you are...i went to stratford today with X1 bus and I passed by the same place (tea place), we should go there another time with more people...