Sunday, June 26, 2005

Shifting Day

Whassup everyone!..People have been busy packing and shipping stuff back home and havent really been coming on here to blog their "feelings"..As for me, i HAVE done packing and have packed my computer so rihgt now i am in shiling's room using her super-low tech slow computer to write this...Felicia is here too by the way writing some kinda note to shiling which right now is already currently maybe 5 pages long (*note: small and very narrow papers she used)....Dont wanna let her say I am exaggerating...Anyway, everyone moving to a new environment and for those who stayed with me especially Mabel & Shiling, you guyus just have to get used to it...Somehow, one day or another, I wont be in the same flat with you all...Hahaha.,.guess u know it is me or you could assume I am foo siong..

Shiling, chrisitie ,shifu and chris have gone to cryfield to shift...and i think my laundry is done...anyway, I will be in Lakeside 2, Flat 20..Come and find me!!...BB

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