Sunday, June 26, 2005

Finally, a chance to blog

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... finally a chance to rest and do nothing.... feels goood woooh. Am currently in Kian Hui's cosy room but will have to move for SHIFU tomorrow. Grr. *sigh* everyone's scattered all round!!! Dhar at home sweet home, Vid in Indo, MH at Lakeside, Shiling at Cryfield, Kian Hui, Mabel and Ed on the bus to the airport. :'( *reality starts to sink in* but it's alrighttt you guys have planned some sort of graduation dinner right??? and don't forget about Bali... no pulling out ar! espeeeeeeeecially daameenee. ffk queen.

Anyway thanks kian hui for the room (well for a night), Amelia for the rest of the nights and weebeng for setting up the wireless internet for me!!!! =D

Okayyyyy will blog soon since i'll have lots of free time on my hands. *mwahs*


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Woman Ho said...

Sigh....Hey WW, I didnt know u felt it, everyone is so scattered and quite upsetting though...Just woke up from a nap and when i woke up, i just found myself in a total new environment(new room) and feels like just living a different life which I just led one day ago..In just a day's time, everything's changed so wonder how it'd be when i go back msia, even bigger change for me..At least, family is still there for me which will never change gei but for some like Shiling whom I wont get to rubbish about all the time, i will miss gei...for those who will return msia, hook me up...take care!