Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Greatest n Most Unforgettable Time

Come, let's recall which is the greatest time u had with these gangs of ppl during ur time spent in Warwick.

For me, I would say the Bath trip!
14th -15th June 2003

1) the day & night b4:

  • last paper: Games & Decisions; evening @ Butterworth Hall
  • dinner @ Thai Elephant, Leamington Spa
  • eggs-throwing-smashing session @ Tocil roundabout
  • short teh-tarik @ Tocil 51

2) decided to go Bath after that; Deqi booked coach tickets; probably 2-3 am??

3) every1 woke up early to catch the 8 or 9 plus coach to Bath via Bristol

4) Mabel packed too much and was amused by the amount of stuff the others had packed, especially Vid's

5) Mr. Coach Driver forgot to pick us up; 30 mins extra of waiting time?

6) so stuffy in the coach; Mabel & Vidya felt so sick; again, Deqi solved the problem

7) met up with Hooi Ling, Dhar's friend and Deqi's & Shifu's friend; touring in Bath city centre by Mr Tour-Guide Gong

8) some sights:

  • Roman Bath
  • Royal Cresent Building
  • Canal with mini waterfall
  • Bath Abbey

9) dinner @ some usual not that nice Chinese buffet; again, Dhar din eat n felt sick

10) saw a drunk guy pee in his pant; yuck!

11) walked to Shifu's host family; was left by him with a Golden Retiever(??) in the garden; noticed we had an extra team member named Nanako

12) went to University of Bath by bus; was @ Hooi Ling's kitchen for a while; then went to some high school alike cooridor

13) again, for the N times, Shifu was annoyed by Ms Guo

14) left the uni, by Bus No. 11; there started our hard time in Bath

15) on the way, karaoke session; saw many posh mansions; plus a unhappy Shifu

16) 1st problem: where the hell are all the toilets? locked public toilets; closed train station; finally found a dodgy public WC

17) 1st surprise: old lady 'singing' from the building opposite train station

18) next stop: square outside the Abbey & Roman Bath; 'bench'-time

19) asked by some stranger: u all staying up here the whole night? eh.............

20) found a early-opened McDonalds; 'ok, v r moving there'

21) conquered the whole place; in some way, v were being chased away for disturbing other customers; really?

22) went to train station to get the train to Bristol; rushed to the train and was told that the train was going to Reading instead; crap .........

23) after 3 hours, back to Bristol; every1 was so tired n sleepy; lunch @ Beijing Noodel Bar

24) short city tour and left Bristol back to campus and marked the end of everything



Mabel said...

woahhhh kian hui!!! your memory is fantastic! ehehehe...and it's so well written... :)

yep, that was one of the best times we had together. and one of the most uncomfortable. it was NOT funny lugging around that fat backpack filled with clothes...

warwick05 said...

nice nice kian hui...was a trip which all of us went besides the italy one...why didnt u choose italy instead?...yea i know...idiot girl was too annoying...hahaha...u know who u are KAWAII...