Friday, July 01, 2005


greetings from cryfield.. it is very small. with absolutely no space..
and stupid irritatings now and then from u-know-who!!!!!!!

vid: not bad wor.. got hsbc interview.. good luck good luck.. hahaha. your barang barang all with me...

fel: i sooooo miss yr laughter.. and please put up more pretty pictures of me ya.. on your blog. mawhahahhahah

and to everyone else.. wat we do every o ther day.. wake up.. eat lunch.. sleep... eat dinner.. massive dinner.. we kinda conquered the cryfield kitchen.. then play bridge.. and every other kind of card games with the poker cards.. and occassionally monopoly.. and then we watch stupid movies.. we watched one called old boys .. korean one yest.. so damn stupid..
anywae.. mh is leaving this wednesday.. hahahha..
no more irritations.. woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i get to use my laptop in PEACE

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