Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bali Dates bebey (' ,')

(updated dates now.. haha)


I was discussing with Fel, Shiling and WW... what dy'all think of goin to Bali on 14th August? And spending say 3 nights there? Neway, that is the plan so far, if you read this pls put a comment to follow up so we know whether u like that date... and if not give another aight! =)

Mmm.. can't wait to go rafting in Bali... or some other water activities... the beach... shoppping (is that famous there??? come to think of it i dunno nething bout Bali... yet we are well excited to get there!! haahha.... must be a friendship thing...!)


A lil pic of a Bali beach... of wat's to come.... heh heh... ^-^

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fe li ci a said...


latest update. 14th august deqi and shiling will be going to jkt...prob stay for a nite..then go maybe bali 15th... and 3 nites should be enough..cos of financial constraints,, hehheheh

will update more soon!