Tuesday, July 26, 2005

from poncho joules~

hello hello! i actually tried to blog twice some days ago but blogger keep wiping out my hard work!! unberieveable so i tot its a sign to do it another day, plus i felt stupid typing out the same things thrice~!~!

tho i haven't been diligent enuff to blog for a long time, u all know la how lazy i am, plus so distracted with last minute planing, moving stuff, travelling with folks, graduation, my emotions as friends bid farewell one by one!! and now that i'm back i'm kinda still living out of my suitcase haha quite messy just a small table to put all my stuff, and stupid columbia is making me feel like a gancheong spider because seems like lots of international students having hard time find accomodation but i haven't even started! bah! dun care! pretend its not happening for the moment. i'm kinda scared this blog disappears again so i'm gg to press the publish button first then type more n upload some picts.

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