Tuesday, July 12, 2005

hey guys..

back in cryfield now.. been quite a tiring trip. london paris. london again.. but im really happy to be back in cryfield.:)
had fun in london.. with the rest.. in four seasons.. and later at the tube station where loads of tears were shed..
then paris was alrite. then now.. tmr.. yeay.. u guys are graduating dee... and to mh and dhar.. hahah.. u guys will be celebrating too back home.. so fun..
nice to see most of us back again.. vid, deqi, came back today.. and we kinda had a brief but nice session in cryfield again when all parents were sleeping.. with christie, mabel, kianhui, deqi, chin peng, vid, chris, hong choy, shifu, kelly, chai, nat nat, yup.. short session coz the rest were gonna be graduating tmr. so beauty sleep was required.

anywae.. really happy for u guys.. all the best in watever u do.


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