Sunday, July 17, 2005

hey peeps

im all alone in cryfield now.. sigh.. christie and ian just left this morning.. said goodbye to kianhui, vid, chris and amelia yest. and stupid kh said they were having the premier of charlie and choc fac in leicester sq.. now darn.. johney depp will be around.. idiot..!!!!!!
anywea.. im so tired of saying goodbyes and all.. so i'll just say a final one here! goodbye everybody!
wish me luck..i have 48 hours to rot and all.. and by the way.. im officially a criminal now.. mananged to get a new fone.. but i guess retribution strikes in all places.. and my stupid new fone cannot be unlocked coz its too new so i cant use it when i get back singapore.. how bad can this get??
so im stuck with my dream korean fone.. alas.. cant use.. someone kill me now..


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