Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hey peeps,
its my final post in england i guess.. nobody really has been blogging.. so sad.. no new updates..
anywae.. yeay.. managed to post up pics already.. somemore pics on my blog.. ahem.. flublu.blogspot.com.. thanks yea.. will put somemore up la.. just too many to put them all up u see

anywae. im leaving tmr.. so happy.. finally.. its been too lonely in cryfield.. just had dinner with ian and his parents.. and they're so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. and went shopping in bham.. sorry but selfridges got sale... prada was on sale.. shiling should soon be on sale too..

hahha.. goodbye guys.. reallie nice knowing u all..and bring on BALI....

(pls: vid::: made friends with the cute jap guy dee.,hahaha. he stays in 104.. and gotta know him coz donated all miso soup and jap sprinkle sprinkle to him.. and he said thanks.. and yeay yeay yea.. hahahhahaah)


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