Thursday, July 28, 2005

The coming and going of MH and ED

Wow, guys!.. I am liking what I'm seeing, so many nice posts to read, so many nice pictures to see. This is what it's all about!...

Mr Siow came yesterday, took him to the same place I took Voomun earlier in the month, ORIENTAL CITY... he said the place reminded him of back home... and was too very amazed by the amount of food in the FOOD court... ahahah... met with James my skool friend (some of u met him before). He was complaining how before u all met him and didn't talk to him... that goes to Vid,Dhar,Fel,KH + someone else... who was that? he says mayb u thought he was too sccary... a monster... lol... joka

THen went to HARLEQUINN shoppin centre with ed and james, took a dam long hour by bus, london transport was pretty bad that day... got there and bought some DVDs... thennnn... Edwin was lurkin around some jewellery/watch shops... and bought the most expensive watch i ever did see get bought.. a Tag Heuer.... don't mug him tho... very exp ok..!

... i saw his and wanted one.. coz im quite impulsive, i rang my dad 'i want a £476 Tag Heuer watch pa'.... he nearli slappd me over the phone.....

So yehh... didn't get the one i wanted to get... have a look \/

So MH and ED... prob the onli two dudes who have been to my house.. .and prob the onli two that will come here for a long time now... mayb someday u all can come again?... **sobb**

HAHAH.... nearli the exact same shot as Edwin's... this is a retro shot of MunHouVOOO infront of my house...look at that haircut... phoarrr.... outside and not inside for good reason.. ahahah...

Neway... that was our day.. ed left back to the city today to go watch Woman In White... hopefully he'll come back to M'sia soon too. Thanks for stayin man! come again!...

My plan for Bali is to skip jakarta i think, so either from:

1. KL to Bali to Surabaya to KL
2. S'pore to Bali to Surabaya to S'pore

U guys think that is a good idea? And how to book the flights and stuff? together or separately?
When i get to malaysia, i will try to call around, find out who can actually go or not....

Take care everyone, and i love the posts everyone is putting up. Hope to see yu all very soon!

Take care til then! Selamat Malam!

Chris (or by my better name FCB)

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CHrisssarrr said...

OK, slight change of plan...

now i will be doin..

KL >> Jakarta >> BaliBALIBali >> Surabaya >> KL

Sound good??