Thursday, July 07, 2005

Shout out from Kingsbury

Hey!...whassup everybody!...Basically got to meet everyone before I left...Met with Shiling's family, Deqi's family, Chris' family and everyone else except for some of em on my basketball team and some other friends...Been good to be able to see all their faces knowing that some I will defintiely see again and some not but as long as I would put in the effort, I know I could...So just dont keep looking at the sad side...It's jsut that we won't be so close physically and distance wise anymore as in the same campus...haha...but still it was fun and great knowing you guys...I am now at Chris' place and been really niec of him and his family for letting me stay at his crib these few days and bring to badminton court today and hang round at a cool chinese shopping's amazing how much asian food they have! totally amazed me..!....One great thing was me him and his bro got to play some badminton this morning....and good to hvae played one more time of badminton with Chris...Anyway, leaving in 10 mins la to the airport (thanks Chris' Mum for the dinner and the ride).....take care y'all, really look forward to you guys calling me at 0060122732288...hahaha...remember hook me up if u come down here to KL...Love y'all....WOMAN HO #25

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Chris said...

See you soon voomun... come back to kingsbury town one day... ahahhaha